Senior Pastor Joe Maldonado


Pastor Mary
Pastor MaryJane Maldonado
Pastor, Chaplain, Director- Eagle K.I.D.S., Married Couples & Women’s Ministries;
A dedicated and passionate leader, 
Pastor Maryjane answered the call to pioneer Lower East Side Fellowship with her husband and Senior Pastor, Joe Maldonado.
Her tenacity and organizational skills have shown to be a needed asset for the ministry. She enjoys using hands on tasks and humor as tools for teaching meaningful, Christ-centered principals to the children, women & couples of L.E.S. Fellowship. 
Pastor Maryjane lives in Brooklyn NY with her husband and son Savan.
Pastor Carlton Jones
Pastor, Chaplain, Bible Study Teacher & Drama Ministry Director; A highly committed & compassionate servant leader. As long as Pastor Carlton has breath, whether through preaching, teaching, singing, dancing, rapping or
acting, the gospel of Jesus Christ will be shared through the arts and compassion.
Mrs. Mayleen Jones
Eagle K.I.D.S. Teacher & Choir Member; is the helpmate, sent by God to Pastor Carlton and a great blessing to the L.E.S. Fellowship family.
Pastor Carlton and Mayleen were both born and raised in the lower east side. They now reside in the East Orange, NJ with their two children, Jory and Jackson.
Pastor Milton
Pastor Milton Puentes
Pastor Milton Puentes
Pastor, Chaplain, Teacher & Worship Minister;
A spiritual & inspirational servant leader.
Pastor Milton leads through challenging preaching, biblical teaching and meaningful worship so that people will be moved to apply their faith into their everyday lives.
Mrs. Iris Puentes
Assistant Director of Worship Ministry & Eagle K.I.D.S. Teacher;
A hands on visionary, who will assist in whatever it takes to achieve L.E.S. Fellowship’s mission to the surrounding community.
Pastor Milton and Iris live in Brooklyn, NY with their beautiful daughter Grace a.k.a Ruffles.